Classy Cowgirl Corral

  • The Fearful and The Fear Nots

    Normally, we country folk are not afraid of much. Some of us live surrounded by rattlers, others by bears, wolves, and mountain lions, and we handle them just fine. Still, this little virus varmint has gotten even a number of us scared to the point of not wanting to do anything that involves other folks, the ones who don't belong to our own families.
  • Happy National Day of the Cowboy!

    There's a day set aside every year to celebrate the contributions of the Cowboy and Cowgirl to America's culture and heritage. That day falls on the fourth Saturday in July. Having a special day set aside for cowboys and cowgirls doesn't mean we should ignore them the rest of the year. If anything, this day should teach us that some of the best, solid values our country was built upon came from the ranches of the American West.
  • Belted Beauties - How to Choose the Right Belt

    Tooled leather, rodeo buckles, status and fashion in one, oh my! The world of belts in cowgirl fashion has a bit of a different meaning than your run-off-the-mill belts of trendy outfits. Today, I'm looking into ways of combining the status with style to show off not just your rodeo accomplishments but also your fashion sense.
  • 5 Western Brands Made in the USA

    With the events of the past few months, many are starting to wonder where their favorite products are made, and we western folk are no exception. Some of us have even decided to start buying only USA made products from now on. That can be hard to accomplish though. With the exception of smaller, local brands, you'll find that most of the name brands in the western clothing, boot, and accessory industries have long been outsourcing their production to other countries.

  • 4 Western Montana Guest Ranches for Glamping

    For us in Western and Northwestern Montana who either live on a working cattle ranch or have friends that do, glamping is a bit of a curious thing. We don't really know whether to dismissively laugh at it and pity the poor souls who want luxury of a top hotel while staying in a tent or cabin, or to start crunching numbers and think about opening a glamping ranch ourselves.
  • 10 Montana Saddle Makers That Defy The Odds

    Back in 2018, Voice Of America published an article that claimed saddle makers were a dying breed in the American West. Fast forward a couple of years, and it seems they spoke way too soon. Here in Montana, we love our country/cowboy lifestyle, and we love our horses. Not only that, but we have quite a few saddle makers who produce quality custom saddles by hand even for such celebrities of the western world as Buck Brannaman, Curt Pate, and Tom Selleck.
  • Grilled Steak Is All It Takes

    Did you know that the month of May is the National BBQ Month? If you're a rancher, cowboy, or cowgirl, you might argue that every month is a barbecue month, but most other folks out there usually don't start grilling until the weather gets warmer. So, in honor of the National BBQ Month, I'm taking a risky move of stepping into the arguments about the best barbecue in the good ol' US of A.
  • 5 Western Fashion Trends for Summer

    It used to be that only the ranching and rodeo folk wore what's now called western fashion. Jeans, boots, hats, and wild rags were all - and still are - functional pieces of clothing and accessories, but it seems these days everyone and their brother's a wannabe cowboy or cowgirl. With that, western fashion, similar to mainstream fashion, started following seasonal trends. So, here's what western fashion trends to look for this summer according to those who are paid to predict them.
  • 3 Plants for Every Cowgirl's Garden

    With spring in the air, everyone's mind seems to be on new beginnings, planting, and gardening. So why should cowgirls be any different? If you have a garden, or are planning to start one this year, here are three plants you should definitely be planting this spring to share with your BFF of the equine kind.
  • Black Cowboys of the Old West

    Did you know that there were Black cowboys in the Old West? Almost from the earliest days of Texas ranching, cattle drives and cowboys, there were cowboys of African origin who worked the cattle. In honor of the Black History Month, here are a few historical tidbits about that era and a few names you can drop when conversation turns to Black history.
  • How To Choose A Wild Rag That Suits You

    Do you have to be a wild child to wear a wild rag? Nope! Just a cowboy or a cowgirl, or a wannabe. Since the mid-1800's, wild rags have been a staple of cowboys' and cowgirls' outfits, and that's not for fashion reasons either.
  • 7 Best Valentine Cards for Cowgirls

    Whether you consider Valentine's Day a proper holiday or not, it's certainly galloping toward us closer and closer. So, if you've got someone you love, check out these seven Valentine cards suitable for a cowgirl, plus some gift ideas too.