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  • How To Choose The Right Tack For Your Horse

    Quality and purpose aside, when choosing tack for your horse, there are also some purely esthetic things to consider. Esthetic? Yes, the looks matter in horses too. You need to think of the color of your horse's coat and whether you want a more natural look, where the tack blends in with the horse's coat, or you want the tack to really stand out. So, here are some rules of thumb to take into account.
  • Preserving The Summer's Bounty

    On this Grandparents Day, it's only fit to honor your grandma by doing what she always did this time of year: preserving and canning.

    Though these two words may sound intimidating to the younger generation, preserving the bounty of summer is really fairly simple. There are several ways you can do it, depending on what you're preserving, how much time you've got on your hands, and what kind of storage you have where you live.

  • Behind the Scenes: Cowboys, Poets, Country Musicians... And Buckaroo Bling

    Have you ever been to a cowboy poetry gathering? Do you even know what cowboy poetry is? What happens when cowboys, poets, musicians... and Buckaroo Bling get together? Read on to find out.
  • 5 Country Style Activities Everyone Should Try

    Whether you're a country bumpkin or a city slicker, there are some good, old fashioned, country fun, summertime activities you should try at least once in your life. For all you know, you might decide to give up your computer games for one of these.
  • How To Care For Your Cowgirl Hat

    What cowgirl doesn't have a hat? I bet you've got at least two if not more: a felt and a straw. So, how do you properly care for your prized hats, and how do you store them when not in use? Glad you asked! That's exactly what this blog post is going to tackle today.
  • 5 Best Summer Art & Craft Shows In The Flathead

    Those of you living in the South probably wish you could find a shady spot and hibernate with a cold glass of sweet tea during the months of July and August, but here in Montana, things are hopping. Our short Montana summers are the perfect time for outdoor art and craft shows, and Flathead Valley has no shortage of them. In this post, I'm giving you the list of five biggest and best shows in the area, so if you're visiting Glacier National Park this summer, you might want to time your visit around one (or more of these shows).
  • Happy National Accordion Awareness Month!

    Hey, country music lovers, did you know June was the National Accordion Awareness Month? Yup, that's true. In 1989, National Accordion Awareness Month was established to spread the word about the resurgence in popularity of this instrument and to educate people about it.
  • 10 Staycation Ideas in Kalispell, Montana

    With summer on its way, most people are thinking about ways to fit as much fun as possible into their vacation plans. So, what if you've got no time or no money to get out of town for vacation? No worries! There are plenty of fun things to do in Kalispell, even if you can't spare time to make it to the Glacier, Flathead Lake, or other attractions close by. The 10 ideas below won't even require you to drive as far as Whitefish. Heck, you don't even need a car to enjoy most of them.
  • Play Your Guitar, Cowboy!

    Did you know that the month of April is the International Guitar Month? To observe this worthy occasion, I am writing today about some cowboys and would-be-cowboys with guitars.
  • Tips For Turquoise Lovers - How To Choose Quality

    What about all the inexpensive jewelry out there, on the market, that claims it is made with turquoise? Sorry to burst your bubble, but most of those stones are not turquoise at all. They are usually magnesite and howlite dyed in turquoise color. The rest of the cheap stones are imported, inferior quality turquoise. So, how do you know what to choose? Glad you asked, because I'm about to give you a little lesson here.
  • 5 Treats Both You And Your Horse Will Love

    As a dog owner, I always go for healthy and natural treats for my pups, but try not to skimp on taste either. So what does one do to give a horse a treat that's both tasty and healthy? Sugar cubes and peppermints are out of the question: tasty for sure, but not healthy. Here are 5 healthy treats horses will love.
  • 5 Ways to Say, "I Love You" Like A Cowboy

    With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I have compiled five ways for those of you, procrastinating man folk, to say a heartfelt, "I love you" to the love of your life, and do it like a real cowboy. Some of them require you to loosen your purse strings, while others will cost you only a bit of your time and effort. So, read on, cowboy!