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Classy Cowgirl Corral

  • How To Choose The Right Tack For Your Horse

    Quality and purpose aside, when choosing tack for your horse, there are also some purely esthetic things to consider. Esthetic? Yes, the looks matter in horses too. You need to think of the color of your horse's coat and whether you want a more natural look, where the tack blends in with the horse's coat, or you want the tack to really stand out. So, here are some rules of thumb to take into account.
  • 5 Treats Both You And Your Horse Will Love

    As a dog owner, I always go for healthy and natural treats for my pups, but try not to skimp on taste either. So what does one do to give a horse a treat that's both tasty and healthy? Sugar cubes and peppermints are out of the question: tasty for sure, but not healthy. Here are 5 healthy treats horses will love.