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  • Separate, Different, Holy?

    What do you usually think of when someone says, "holy?" A holier-than-thou attitude? St. Francis of Assisi? A goodie-two-shoes? As a matter of fact, "holy" simply means different or separate. Separate from the backstabbing ways of the world... different than the hateful, jeering and mocking attitudes of the day... separate from cheaters, criminals, and evil-doers... different than pretenders, deceivers, and impostors.
  • Celebrating The National Hot Dog Month

    Did you grill on July 4th? Bet you did! Or if you didn't, you ate some burgers and hot dogs that someone else grilled. But did you know the month of July was the National Hot Dog Month?
  • Happy National Accordion Awareness Month!

    Hey, country music lovers, did you know June was the National Accordion Awareness Month? Yup, that's true. In 1989, National Accordion Awareness Month was established to spread the word about the resurgence in popularity of this instrument and to educate people about it.
  • How Do You Date Your Mate?

    Did you know the month of May was National Date Your Mate Month? If you don't have a mate, you can just skip this blog post. However, if you are in a relationship (yes, marriage counts as a relationship), I'd love to hear your ideas for celebrating the Date Your Mate Month
  • 5 Fun Things To Do On Mothers Day

    Have you been procrastinating on getting her that Mothers Day gift? Running late doesn't mean you have to settle for the standard - and might I say, very unimaginative - flowers and brunch. One thing that moms cherish most is the time spent with their children. So why not take her on a Mothers Day activity both of you can participate in, and make some fond memories?
  • Spring Holy Days

    May you have a happy and blessed Passover and Easter observances!

    Chag Pesach Sameach!

    Happy Easter!