Grilled Steak Is All It Takes

Did you know that the month of May is the National BBQ Month? If you're a rancher, cowboy, or cowgirl, you might argue that every month is a barbecue month, but most other folks out there usually don't start grilling until the weather gets warmer. So, in honor of the National BBQ Month, I'm taking a risky move of stepping into the arguments about the best barbecue in the good ol' US of A.

It used to be that, if you wanted "real" barbecue, you had to travel to Kansas City, Texas, the Carolinas, or Memphis. With so many barbecue joints popping up all over the country over the past 10-or-so years, these days, fairly good barbecue can be found in almost any place people live, including New York City, California, or Ohio. And that's only talking about the traditional, American style barbecue. Don't even get me started on Japanese grills, Korean barbecue joints, and Brazilian churrasqueria restaurants! And yes, it's not only meat that's grilled, but also corn, fish, vegetables, pineapple, and even bread.

Grilled corn

Americans as a lot are pretty fascinated with the smoky goodness of grilled meat, and like micro breweries, barbecue joints have popped up all over the place. Even in a small city like Kalispell, Montana, there are several places where barbecued meat can be had. Still, I think the best barbecue you can have is what you get on a cattle ranch. Just ask any cowboy! I bet even Kent Rollins, the famous cowboy cook, would agree that there's nothing better than fresh, chuck wagon kind of steak. So, forget your City Barbeque, your Famous Dave's or Dickie's! Go stay at a guest ranch and have a taste of the chuck wagon grilled meat instead. Bet you'll think about barbecue in a whole new way.

Did I make you hungry yet? Go celebrate the remainder of the National BBQ Month then with a heaping plate of grilled meat. Not a meat eater? Share with me the best recipes for grilled corn or veggies in the comments below.

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