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  • 4 Fall Treats You Can Share With Your Horse

    What have you done for your equine pal lately? If you want to show him how much you love him, share that healthy treat you're munching on! With the fall at the door, here are four sweet, healthy fall treats you can freely share with your horse.
  • 3 Best Things You Can Do for Your Horse This Summer

    With the summer in full swing, it's time to think about how the hot weather affects your best friend of the equine kind. We've all heard a million pieces of advice on how to protect ourselves during the hot summer months, but have you ever given a thought to your horse also being susceptible to some of the same summer woes we humans are?
  • 3 Plants for Every Cowgirl's Garden

    With spring in the air, everyone's mind seems to be on new beginnings, planting, and gardening. So why should cowgirls be any different? If you have a garden, or are planning to start one this year, here are three plants you should definitely be planting this spring to share with your BFF of the equine kind.