Things We Love About Springtime in the Country

Here in Montana, winter can last for almost half a year. That's why we get really excited about all the little things that happen in the spring. From grass starting to turn green to the first fawns showing up in our yard, here are some things we at Buckaroo Bling love about springtime in the country.

A newly hatched chicken - photo by Paige Cody

New Life. Spring is the time when new life bursts forth all around us. From newborn calves and foals on the surrounding farms to newly hatched wild turkeys and still wobbly spotted fawns showing up in our yard, new life is everywhere... and it's beautiful and fragile at the same time. New life speaks of God's goodness, of renewed hope and possibilities. Besides, all baby animals are so darn cute.

Greenery. Between the icy whiteness of winter and straw-like yellows of summer, there's a brief period during the spring when the grass in our neck of the woods is actually green. What a sight for weary eyes!

Fresh vegetables. Oh, how sweet that first spring lettuce tastes! Later in the year, we get spoiled by the variety and abundance of produce from the local farms, but that first taste of fresh vegetables still can't be beat. You'd think we're crazy to crave "rabbit food," but by the end of winter, lettuce seems to taste better even than meat.

Longer days. Anyone who's ever lived in the country can tell you driving at night is not much fun. First, you have the often unpaved country roads without street lights to deal with. Then, there's all manner of wildlife that roam the countryside and can jump out in front of the car before you even know they're near. More daylight with the coming spring means more things can get done later in the day.

Spring flowers. It's so much fun seeing the meadows bloom. Picking wildflowers and setting them in a vase on the kitchen table makes life more cheerful no matter what's going on around us.

Blue skies. They don't call Montana "Big Sky Country" for nothing. During winter months, our area is often socked in by the clouds. Although it's kind of fun watching the clouds move through the trees and get snagged on mountain tops, nothing beats the sight of perfectly blue skies. Mostly clear skies make for some beautiful sunsets, too.

There's so much more to love about spring in the country, but this is a blog and not a novel. Instead of overwhelming you with our likes, we want to hear what's your favorite thing about springtime where you live. Tell us in the comments below.

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