4 Fall Treats You Can Share With Your Horse

What have you done for your equine pal lately? If you want to show him how much you love him, share that healthy treat you're munching on! With the fall at the door, here are four sweet, healthy fall treats you can freely share with your horse.

 Red and green apples - photo by Benjamin Wong

  • Apples. Everyone knows that horses love apples. Do your pal a favor though and slice the fruit and take the seeds out before you give it to him. Apple seeds - much the same as peach pits - contain poisonous cyanide compounds. True, your equine friend will be absolutely fine with swallowing a seed or two, but if eaten in larger quantities, they can cause trouble. Also, make sure you don't give too much fruit. Belly full of apples can lead to colic.

Bunch of carrots - photo by Gabriel Gurrola

  • Carrots. Feeding carrots to your horse won't improve his eyesight, but it will satisfy his sweet tooth for sure. Carrots are high in sugar, so be really careful if your buddy has Cushing's syndrome, insulin resistance, or EPSM (equine polysaccharide storage myopathy). A carrot or two every few days won't do any harm though.

Three orange pumpkins on the stairs - photo by Carson Asher

  • Pumpkin. Why shouldn't your horse enjoy this symbol of late fall as much as you do?!? He can eat the seeds too, just hold off the pumpkin spice latte. Be careful leaving many pumpkins out in the pasture if you've got a lot of deer in your neighborhood. The wild little buggers may throw a party without inviting your horse to join in.

Yellow banana - photo by Maxim Potkin

  • Banana. Is your horse spoiled rotten? Give him some fresh bananas as a fancy, fun treat. What's interesting about this tropical fruit is that horses can eat it all, even the peel. Not only will you add some potassium to your best friend's diet, but you can watch his curious side come out as he explores the soft and mushy texture of a banana.

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