Buckaroo Bling - Classy Bling For The Sassy Cowgirl In Us All

Let you be you!

Nurture your inner cowgirl: add a bit of rock-'n'-roll sass to your country western flair.

You're your own kind of beautiful. You live by faith and traditional Old West values. You want to stand out in a crowd for who you are, not only for how you look. We're so happy you found Buckaroo Bling!


Howdy! Jelena ('yehlennah) here,

the Chief Wire Wrangler and Boss Lady at Buckaroo Bling, a country living, critter loving, Bible believing cowgirl at heart. I design and handcraft jewelry and accessories to inspire classy women like you to nurture their inner cowgirl. I want to help those around you see your special blend of grit and grace. It’s like adding a bit of rock-n-roll sass to your country western flair: unique and cowgirl chic.


Jewelry by Buckaroo Bling


Have you ever gone to a place and felt like you belonged there right away? That's exactly how I felt when, after many travels and moves, I settled in northwest Montana in 2018. I started Buckaroo Bling to put that same feeling into my craft and combine two of the things I care about a lot: adding class to contemporary style, and preserving the culture and traditions of the Old West.

In today's world of instant everything, Buckaroo Bling challenges you to return to slow fashion, where each piece is made by hand and tells its real story only when you make it your own. Buckaroo Bling is here to remind you of times when life was simpler, more honest, and more fulfilling. I'm here to tell you that your faith and values don't make you irrelevant in today's world but give you strength and that special, rare beauty instead.

Dreamed up and created in the hills above Smith Valley, approximately ten miles west of Kalispell, every piece of Buckaroo Bling will bring a bit of Montana's peacefulness into your life, whether you call country or a city your home. But that's not all. When you shop Buckaroo Bling, you're also supporting horse and dog rescue as portion of the revenue is regularly donated to a couple of non-profit rescue groups.

Tools used to make Buckaroo Bling jewelry

All Buckaroo Bling designs use high quality, American mined turquoise (U.S.A. and Mexico) and domestically sourced metals and leather to create contemporary pieces in bold colors, which make even your simplest outfit pop. All Buckaroo Bling designs are certified Made In Montana by the State of Montana, so you can be sure you'll be bringing a bit of Montana with you anywhere you go when you wear a Buckaroo Bling original.

Let your grit and grace shine!

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* In 2020/21, Buckaroo Bling is supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of the State Government, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Featured in Product Showcase Magazine, March 24, 20201, Jewelry Issue