Classy Cowgirl Corral

  • Behind the Scenes: Lessons Learned in Crisis

    If the events of this year taught me anything, it's not to put all of my eggs in one basket, not to skate on thin ice, and not to get out on a limb if the said limb doesn't look sturdy enough to support my weight (and that's quite a bit of weight, trust me). Now, this doesn't mean one basket shouldn't have more eggs in it than the other, or ice skating shouldn't be done - period, or ambulance needs to be called every time I get out on a limb. Not at all!
  • Behind The Scenes: Charity Begins at Home...

    "Charity begins at home but shouldn't end there," says a Scottish proverb. Now, I'm not Scottish, but I do have a soft spot for those who can't help themselves, especially our friends of the equine and canine kind. So, when Buckaroo Bling was just starting off, I decided to - once I had some sales - donate a portion of the revenues to two causes: horse rescue and dog rescue.
  • Behind the Scenes: Tools of the Trade

    To do any job properly, you need the right tools. A jeweler's hammer is not the same as a blacksmith's hammer or a carpenter's hammer, for example. Even within the jewelry industry, different tools are used for different types of jewelry making. Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes of Buckaroo Bling to show you the tools I use in my studio.
  • Behind the Scenes: When the Show Road Leads out of Town

    Participating in live events is part and parcel of a maker's business. There also comes a time when you have to decide whether to do only local shows or to travel out of town for other opportunities. Is it possible to have a good out of town show experience on a budget? Peek behind the scenes at Buckaroo Bling to find out.
  • Behind The Scenes: Designing an Unboxing Experience

    I am a jewelry designer, not graphic or packaging designer. Still, I know that every little detail speaks about the value of the product, including packaging. With that in mind, I've set out to design a Buckaroo Bling unboxing experience that fits the jewelry and accessories I design: western kind of earthy, stylish, and a bit sassy too.
  • Behind The Scenes: Let's Do Wholesale!

    Ever wonder how all those fun things from different brands get into your local brick-and-mortar western wear store? How does your local shop owner know where to buy them? And how does a local shop owner make money from selling them? Well, today's your lucky day as I answer all these questions and more.
  • Behind the Scenes: New Year, New Bling

    With the new year getting off to a roaring start, it's time again to take you behind the scenes and show you what's new at the Buckaroo Bling studio. If you follow this blog and Buckaroo Bling online shop with any regularity, you'll know that the original Dream Catchers collection is getting retired in 2020. So what's next? Read on to find out.
  • Good Bye or Good Riddance?

    As we're getting ready to bid farewell to another year and another decade, are you saying, "good bye" or "good riddance"? Here at Buckaroo Bling, we have reasons for both. Read on to find out why, and then, tell us what you'll be saying on December 31st.
  • Behind The Scenes: Where in The World Is Buckaroo Bling?

    So, you know Buckaroo Bling is made in Montana, but Montana's a big state, and where exactly is Buckaroo Bling? Flathead Valley locals know that we're local too, but Flathead Valley is a pretty big area, so where exactly is Buckaroo Bling? Today, I'm taking you behind the scenes to show you where exactly we are, from the general neighborhood, to our backyard, to the studio itself. Just like that silly doe in the cover photo, you'll be able to take a sneak peek, no matter where in the world you are.
  • Behind The Scenes: When You Wear Many Hats

    Now, before you go off looking for a link where to buy cowgirl hats, let me tell you, this post isn't about that kind of hats. It's about trying to juggle priorities in life and wearing several proverbial hats at the same time.
  • Behind the Scenes: Applying for a Business Grant

    If you aren't one of those fortunate startup business owners who have unlimited resources at their disposal, applying for grants and business loans is a must. Unlike the SBA and other small business loans, grant applications don't require an elaborate business plan, profit and loss analysis, and a lot of jumping through legal and accounting hoops. However, they require a lot of effort and thoughtfulness on the applicant's part, as well as some creativity and ability to tell a story that tugs at the right people's hearts.
  • Separate, Different, Holy?

    What do you usually think of when someone says, "holy?" A holier-than-thou attitude? St. Francis of Assisi? A goodie-two-shoes? As a matter of fact, "holy" simply means different or separate. Separate from the backstabbing ways of the world... different than the hateful, jeering and mocking attitudes of the day... separate from cheaters, criminals, and evil-doers... different than pretenders, deceivers, and impostors.