When You Don't Want To Be A Fool, Bake Bread!

Why is it that, every time something nice begins, something not-so-nice has to follow? Take spring for example. It has just officially started, and what do we get next? The month of April. Think taxes and April Fools Day. If you are anything like me, you despise taxes, and you don't want to be considered a fool either. So, what do you do? My creative cowgirl solution is, go bake bread!

You don't have to participate in the foolishness of April Fool's Day on April 1st. Instead, this year, you can celebrate the National Sourdough Bread Day. Yes, such a day surely exists, and this year, it falls exactly on April first. So, shall we go bake some bread instead of acting like fools? I say, yes! Your family would thank you, too. Who doesn't appreciate a loaf of freshly baked bread?

Here are five recipes you can try this year by way of celebrating National Sourdough Bread Day. I have picked for you some more unusual ones because I think change is good every once in a while. Follow the links below to get all the details.

     So, what say you? April Fools or Sourdough Bread Day? Let me know in the comments below. Then, after you have baked some tasty bread for your family, show your cowboy the link below, and remind him Mothers Day is coming.


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