About Buckaroo Bling

Wanna be that classy cowgirl who's turning heads wherever she goes?

Add a bit of rock-'n'-roll sass to your country western flair!

You're your own kind of beautiful: tried and true, steadfast and smart, tough and tender... incomparable. You live by faith and traditional Old West values. You want to stand out in a crowd for who you are, not only for how you look. We're so happy you found us!

Buckaroo Bling is a micro business started in Kalispell, Montana in 2018

A Word from The Boss Lady

"I started Buckaroo Bling because I didn't much like those honkin' big jewelry pieces you'd normally find in western stores. Besides, I had what you'd call a champagne taste on a beer budget: I loved Native American turquoise designs but I couldn't afford them, and the cheap imported imitations you'd see in regular stores were just... well, too cheap looking for my taste. That's why I set out to design and craft by hand the bling I'd wear myself.

The rest, as they say, is history, albeit one that still has to be written. Come, join me in writing it!"

  • Buckaroo Bling

    ...is still a young business, but we've already designed for Miss Rodeo Montana and Miss Teen Rodeo Montana, and we've inspired many classy women like you in both the U.S. and Canada to nurture their inner cowgirl and show their special blend of grit and grace.




    We'd love to add a bit of our rock-n-roll sass to your country western flair, too. What's best, you won't have to sell the farm to get a piece of our bling.




    And we guarantee, no honkin' big jewelry here.

  • Our chief wire wrangler and boss lady

    Jelena (pronouced 'yellenna)

    ...is a country living, critter loving, Bible believing, Sabbath keeping cowgirl at heart who loves western wear, great boots, and turquoise... lots of turquoise.

Check out this video to see how Jelena makes some of our bling

  • Buckaroo Bling values: slow fashion, affordable quality, charity, faith
  • How it all works
  • Buckaroo Bling ranch hands