Separate, Different, Holy?

What do you usually think of when someone says, "holy?" A holier-than-thou attitude? St. Francis of Assisi or Mother Teresa? A goodie-two-shoes? As a matter of fact, "holy" simply means different or separate. Separate from the backstabbing ways of the world... different than the hateful, jeering and mocking attitudes of the day... separate from cheaters, criminals, and evil-doers... different than pretenders, deceivers, and impostors.

So, what does one do to work on becoming holy? It's all spelled out in the Bible for those who believe. Of course, nobody in the world is perfect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't want to be pleasing to God. One of the ways we can do that is by obeying His commandments. (Jhn 14:15)

An important recurring theme in the Bible is that God sets up memorials, things and observances by which people would remember Him. One of those memorials is His appointed times, feasts and fasts to commemorate what He has done and what He will yet do for us out of His great love. (Lev 23:2)

So, beginning tonight and over the next few weeks, we at Buckaroo Bling will be retreating from the public marketplace and devoting our time to remembrance of everything God's done for us. You can still shop on our website, send us email, or leave us voicemails, but our response to your questions and our shipping times may be delayed compared to what you're normally used to. As we're feasting tonight and tomorrow, fasting between the evening of October 8th and evening of October 9th, and feasting for a week again between October 13th and evening of October 20th, we trust that the Lord will provide as He has done so far, and that He will make us the instrument for spreading His love to those we interact with.


Note: Buckaroo Bling studio will be closed on Monday, September 30th; Wednesday, October 9th; and Monday, October 14th. If you send us an email or leave us a voicemail on these dates, your message will be responded to on the next regular business day. If you place an online order on these dates, expect an extra day in addition to our regular shipping times. Our regular studio hours are Monday through Wednesday from 10:00 am MST to 6:00 pm MST, although you can occasionally catch us by phone or email on Thursdays as well.

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