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How's your summer been so far? If you're a bling lover, it's going to get much better... Buckaroo Bling has a free bling giveaway for you.

In this blog post, you're going to learn some trivia about Buckaroo Bling that'll help you win $30 worth of bling from Buckaroo Bling in the July 4th Giveaway. So, read carefully, 'cause you never know what questions you may be asked later.

Dreamer Bracelets by Buckaroo Bling

How much do you really know about Buckaroo Bling? Could you ace a quiz on Buckaroo Bling if asked to take one? Here are some fun facts you might want to know.

  • Buckaroo Bling is located in Northwest Montana. Duh! If you've ever seen us at a show or visited Kalispell, you'd know that. Easy-peasy, right?
  • The chief wire wrangler's name is pronounced like that of the capital city of Montana, just with a "y" sound in the beginning.
  • Buckaroo Bling's boss lady used to play accordion many, many moons ago. Now, now! Don'tcha laugh, youngen!
  • Without the long distance driving skills of our computer whisperer, Buckaroo Bling would never make it to any shows out of town, 'cause the boss lady doesn't like driving.
  • Our studio security manager hails from Colorado, the computer whisperer is a native of Kansas, and before we all became Montanans, we lived in South Dakota.
  • Although we love horses, none of us have ever owned one, though some used to take baths in horse watering tanks.
  • Even though we're part of the American West, we much prefer fresh water to firewater, and two thirds of our crew are partial to wine.
  • If you want to bribe us, bring us chocolate!

Now that you know Buckaroo Bling a bit better, take our quiz for a chance to win $30 worth of free bling. Click the button below to start the quiz. Giveaway ends at midnight Mountain Time on Sunday, July 5th, and is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, July 8th on our social media channels and in an email to all who entered.

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