Celebrating The National Hot Dog Month

Did you grill on July 4th? Bet you did! Or if you didn't, you ate some burgers and hot dogs that someone else grilled. But did you know the month of July was the National Hot Dog Month?

That's true. Here in the U.S. we have to have strange "holidays" like this because we love eating hot dogs. Now, mind you, when I talk about hot dogs, I don't mean the hormone, antibiotic, and nitrate laced stuff you buy at the grocery store. I'm talking about honest to goodness, all natural, and if at all possible locally produced ones. If you haven't had a hot dog like that, you don't know what a hot dog is.

Pray, where can I find a hot dog like that, you may ask. If you are in an area that's, like Montana, famous for its cattle ranches, check out your local small meat producers. If you live in an area where this is not an option, there's always online shopping. Today, I'm going to introduce you to a small company you can look up online anytime you get a hankering for great hot dogs or Polish dogs: Ranch Wives Beef Company.

The company includes two family owned ranches, one in Montana and one in Nebraska, and they have the best beef products ever. Run by two boss babes, JaTana and Natalie (hence the "wives" in the name), Ranch Wives Beef Co. produces home grown, quality beef from cattle that spend majority of their lives grazing lush green grass in the fresh air. The ladies highly value integrity in their business and aim to provide their customers with both the finest cuts of Angus beef and the truth about caring for the cattle behind them.

So, you want some good all-beef hot dogs or Polish dogs? Ranch Wives Beef Co. is where to get them. When you purchase online, your order is shipped well packaged so it doesn't get defrosted by the time it gets to you, and the ladies will sometimes even include a personalized Thank You note. And how do their hot dogs and Polish dogs taste? Let me just say you wouldn't want to smother them in ketchup, mustard, and relish. I ate mine with just a touch of Dijon mustard, and they were perfect. Nothing beats the taste of quality beef.

Go ahead, celebrate the remaining days of National Hot Dog Month, and order some all-beef dogs from Ranch Wives Beef Co. You won't be disappointed.

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