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All Husbands Are Not Supermen, But Every Wife Is A Superwoman

You'd expect a female jewelry maker to write blog posts for women, but this one is both for the ladies, and for you, men. Yes, you, clean shaven or mustached, bearded, or otherwise, as long as you are married or engaged.

Did you know you were sharing your life with a superwoman? You might be thinking that, once you leave for work, she lounges around all they long, and house gets cleaned magically, dinner gets cooked automatically, and chores get done all by themselves. Now, let's just take one of those three things as an example. Say, how about that hot, home cooked dinner you have every day? If you and your wife (or significant other) own any land, chances are she had to sow vegetable seeds, water them, tend the plants, harvest ripe produce, wash it, peel it, chop it, combine with other ingredients, and cook everything so you would have a hot meal when you got home from work. And don't even get me started on meat! If you are a rancher or a farmer, you know how much work goes into raising anything from chickens to cattle.

"We don't have any land," you might say, "she gets everything at the grocery store." Now, hold it, bubba! Even if she gets all of her produce and meat at the grocery store, she needs to get there. Walking, driving, or taking public transportation all require some type of effort and a lot of time. Then, she has to have a plan so she can buy everything she needs in one grocery store run. Then, she needs to bring everything home, and do the rest (the washing, peeling, chopping, and cooking mentioned above). And that's just what's involved in making a meal for the family.

If you are blessed to have children, who is the one who changes diapers, feeds the kids, spends time teaching them what they need to know to survive, cleans up after them, takes them to school and after school activities, shops for clothes and shoes, solves their friend woes, kisses the boo-boos, and takes them to the doctor when needed? Yes, it's her.

You've got pets? She is probably their primary caretaker. Got relatives? She is the one who remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. She is the one who calls uncle Joe to see if he needs some food because it's snowing outside and he can't get to the store, or calls aunt Millie to make sure her surgery went well. Oh, and all those church potlucks you went to? Who do you think cooked all that food, and set those tables, and cleaned up after everyone was done eating? She and other women like her did.

Fellas, that's just scratching the surface of what the ladies in your life do on a daily basis. I won't even mention going to work every day if she has a job in town, or working the land alongside you if you are blessed to live the ranching or farming life. So, how do you let her know you appreciate everything she does? There are many ways to do that, and some men are more adept at it than others. If you fall into the less adept category, start with little things. Holiday season is the perfect time to show her your appreciation because holiday seasons are usually the most stressful ones for us woman folk. Someone has to plan and prepare all those fun celebrations, right?

Guys, get your wife, fiancee, or significant other a gift! It doesn't have to be anything outrageous. Just the fact that you thought of her and bought her a present (no, kitchen mixers, appliances, and cleaning supplies don't count) will help her feel more appreciated, and it will help you start taking those baby steps toward learning how to show her how much you care.

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