How Can I DIY?

Are you a DIY type? I've got a confession to make. Over the years, I've been trying to do all sorts of DIY things: house painting, stenciling, sweater knitting, pruning my own grapevine, making my own mouse repellent, dandelion spray, and even coming up with a special home cooked dog food recipe. One thing I've never done though is make something from a DIY jewelry kit. It's not that I'm not good at following instructions. The thing is, I'm too proud to make a piece of jewelry another person designed. I always want to design my own.

But what if you can't design your own? What if you still want a piece of bling you made with your own hands, but have no idea how to connect the pieces, what tools to use, or how to keep your piece of bling from falling apart after a couple of uses? That's where DIY jewelry kits come in handy, and that's why Buckaroo Bling now carries a very limited edition pearl and copper horseshoe bracelet DIY kit.

 DIY Horseshoe bracelet kit by Buckaroo Bling

The way jewelry DIY kits work (this one included) is that they come with all parts, pieces, bits, and bobs you'll need to make your design, and they also give you detailed instructions on how to do it step-by-step. The only thing you need to provide is time, patience, and a few basic tools.

With that in mind, I created a very detailed PDF Instructions Guide to accompany the materials you see in the picture above in Buckaroo Bling's first DIY jewelry kit. The PDF also tells you exactly what tools you'll need and how to use them to create your first bling masterpiece. There are lots of pictures and illustrations in the Guide so, even if you've never held jeweler's tools in your hands before, you'll still know what to do and exactly how to do it. Also, some of the more advanced components come already pre-made for you, like the horseshoe element and the swirly hook clasp for the bracelet. Oh, and the eight pearls included in the kit are all genuine freshwater pearls.

If you've always wanted to try some DIY and make your own piece of bling, now you can do it with the help of Buckaroo Bling DIY jewelry kit. At $15 a kit and only 15 kits available (no, we won't be restocking after they're sold out), it's the perfect time for trying your hand at bling making.

 Buy DIY horseshoe bracelet kit


P.S. Not handy enough to make your own bling? You can still shop Buckaroo Bling's selection of ready made earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and Boot Bling in our online shop.

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