Classy Cowgirl Corral News

  • Behind The Scenes: Let's Do Wholesale!

    Ever wonder how all those fun things from different brands get into your local brick-and-mortar western wear store? How does your local shop owner know where to buy them? And how does a local shop owner make money from selling them? Well, today's your lucky day as I answer all these questions and more.
  • To Show Or Not To Show - What A Silly Question!

    There comes a point for every artist and craftsperson when we start considering the value of exhibiting at live events. Art shows, craft shows, pop-up shops, trunk shows, wholesale trade shows, and in-home parties all fall into this category. On one hand, getting more exposure for our work is a no-brainer, but on the other, putting ourselves (and our work) out there and dealing with the expense and effort needed to participate in live events can be quite scary, especially if we are doing it for the very first time. So, what should be done?
  • Behind The Scenes: Preparing for a Trade Show

    When you visit an art show, can you even guess how many hours the vendors spend preparing before the show? If you have ever wondered what goes into preparing for a show, today is your day. I am taking you behind the scenes to show you what I did to prepare for Made In Montana Wholesale Trade Show.
  • Jumping Through Hoops

    Part of life as an artist and a maker is applying for shows. Although there are some similarities in the process, different shows have different rules and requirements, and sometimes, making sure one meets those requirements feels like jumping through hoops.