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It's the first day of June, so Happy National Dairy Month to y'all! If you're not a part of dairy industry, you probably don't know that there really is such a thing as dairy month. That's why I'm here: to tell you a bit about it.

National Dairy Month actually started as the National Milk Month in 1937. Originally, it was created to encourage drinking milk when production was at a surplus, but it's now observed as an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions of dairy industry to the world. So, unless you're dairy intolerant, let's celebrate the Dairy Month in style with milk, cheese, and ice cream!

Milking animals for National Dairy Month

There are many domesticated animals that can be milked (heck, you can even milk camels), but the ones most commonly raised for their milk are cows, goats, and sheep. Holstein Friesian cows are the most popular milking cows across the world. Yes, that's your typical black-and-white cow that you often see pictured on dairy product packages. As for goats, breed popularity mostly depends on where in the world you are. In the United States, the field is split between Nubian, Alpine, and Saanen with Nubians holding onto the No.1 spot. Last but not least, the sheep... The breed of sheep most commonly raised in the U.S. for their milk - although their wool is nothing to scoff at either - is, hands down, East Friesian.

Dairy products for National Dairy Month

So, what do people do with all that milk, and which animal's milk is the best? Well, you can drink milk, you can make butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese... lots of kinds of cheese. You can even use milk in soaps and lotions, and I've heard it said that milk baths are the ultimate in luxury. Here at Buckaroo Bling, we are fans of all dairy products, especially cheese.

As to which animal's milk is best, that depends on who you ask. Personally, I'm a fan of goats milk because it's easier to digest, but when it comes to cheese, I'd take either smoked Gouda (cow's milk), or aged Manchego (sheep's milk), or a fun Chavrie (goat's milk). Heck, I'd take most any cheese known to man.

What is your favorite kind of milk? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️ then, go hug your dairy cow, goat or sheep if you have one, and may you have a very happy Dairy Month.

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