Is Black Friday Dead?

Mask wearing, curbside pickup, contactless transactions... What does it all mean for Black Friday as we know it? It means that big retailers the likes of Walmart and Target are skipping Black Friday this year. But is Black Friday dead? Nope! Still alive and kicking. It just moved online. We at Buckaroo Bling prefer to make it a week long deal though.

So, what's cooking during the Cyber Week at Buckaroo Bling? Read on to find out, then head on over to our online shop and take advantage of all the great deals.

Cyber Week Sale Announcement for Buckaroo Bling

NOVEMBER 25TH: Our customers, those who purchased from us in the past two years and stayed in touch by reading our newsletter and other emails, received first dibs on our Cyber Week deals. Why the special treatment? We love our customers, and we want to give them a chance at the best selection of bling before it starts flying off the virtual shelves. No, the sold out items won't be restocked till the end of the year, so you'd better get yours before the Cyber Week is over.

NOVEMBER 26TH: Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! And happy shopping to those who signed up for early access during the second half of October and beginning of November. Y'all Johnny-come-latelies are getting the same deals they got, just a day later... and with fewer items to choose from.

NOVEMBER 27TH: It's Black Friday sale at Buckaroo Bling! This is the biggest sale ever in Buckaroo Bling history. Here's the particulars:

  • Free shipping on all domestic orders over $85 and all international orders over $100 (Canada, Australia, New Zealand only - sorry we can't ship anywhere else in the world at this time);
  • 20% off orders over $50 (use coupon code 20FOR50 at checkout);
  • 30% off orders over $75 (use coupon code 30OVER75 at checkout);
  • 50% off orders over $150 (use coupon code 50AT150 at checkout).

NOVEMBER 28TH: Hello, Small Business Saturday! Our Ranch Hands will be resting that day, but you're in luck. You can still snag the great Black Friday deals listed above, all up till midnight Mountain Time.

NOVEMBER 29TH: This poor Sunday hasn't got a special name, but we have free shipping on all domestic orders over $85 and international orders over $100 for you.

NOVEMBER 30TH: It's Cyber Mond-yay! No, that's not a typo. We know the name of the day is spelled Monday, but you'll be saying, "yay" 'cause we've got a bunch of discounts for ya:

  • 50% off all orders placed before 8:00am (use coupon code 50FOR8 at checkout);
  • 35% off all orders placed between 8:00am and 4:00 pm (use coupon code 35FOR8 at checkout);
  • 25% off all orders placed between 4:00pm and midnight (use coupon code 25FOR8 at checkout);
  • 15% off coupon for a future purchase included with every order.

DECEMBER 1ST: Give it up for Giving Tuesday! We're giving you free shipping on orders of $85 and over if you're in the U.S. or $100 and above if you're in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Plus, we'll be donating 50% of each sale to horse rescue efforts at Freedom Horse Farm in Kalispell, Montana. We'll also have an option at checkout where you can add extra $$ for horse rescue if you wish to do so.

Last but not least, if you place your order before the end of day on Tuesday, December 1st, we'll be hustling to get those goodies to you in time for holiday gift giving regardless of where in the cowgirl world you are.

So, whatcha waiting for? Go get those great deals at our online shop!

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P.S. Here's some of our most popular bling perfect for gift giving.

Short adjustable sterling silver necklace with Campitos turquoise     Dream Catcher necklace with Campitos turquoise and leather fringe     Delicate Campitos turquoise earrings


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