How To Make The Most Of The Holidays If You Get Snowed In

We're almost officially stepping into winter, and chances are, you may get snowed in for Christmas or New Year's, at least here in the northern hemisphere. So, if that happens, instead of moping around and bemoaning your ruined holiday plans, make the most of it. We're sharing some tips on how to do that.

Let's assume you're not stuck somewhere on the road (if you are, pray the rescue crews show up quickly), but are either at home or staying with relatives or friends. Here are some things to do to keep your holidays merry and bright even if the weather outside is frightful.

Two elk picking leaves off a small tree in a snowy landscape

Make it like elk.

These elk in our picture got it right. If you're snowed in, eat. Not only will hearty foods help you feel warmer, but part of the holiday fun is having all the delightful (and awfully fatty and sugar-filled) foods you normally eat only a couple times a year. Bake cookies with the kiddos, make your man's favorite roast, bake a loaf of bread... anything that involves a stove, oven, or slow cooker would be great. Besides, if you include other family members in the process, you'll be making some great holiday memories together.

Binge watch holiday movies.

It doesn't matter if you've seen "A Christmas Carol" or "The Miracle On 34th Street" a million times already. What matters is that warm and cozy feeling you get each time you watch them. If you're gathered with family or friends, let everyone choose their favorite movie, then set the order in which to watch them, and spend a whole day doing it while breaking only for the meals (see the paragraph above for meal ideas).

Learn a new skill.

Always admired grandma's crochet afghans or mom's knitted sweaters? Now that all three of you are stuck inside for a few days, you can ask them to teach you how to do it. Any serious knitter or crochet enthusiast always has some spare yarn sitting around, so it'll be easy to ask them for a little lesson on making a scarf or something equally suitable for a beginner.

Have a snowball fight.

Even if it's really cold outside, a few minutes of throwing snowballs around will keep you plenty warm. Get your kiddos bundled up, put on a good pair of gloves and a hat, and get out into the yard. We guarantee you'll have a good time.

Have a hot drink.

A hot drink indoors is the perfect ending to any snowball fight. Make hot chocolate with all the trimmings (yes, both marshmallows and whipped cream if you want to be really decadent), or if it's all adults in your party, you can go for hot toddies, mulled wine, hot punch, or just add some peppermint schnapps into your hot chocolate or a bit of your favorite whiskey into your hot apple cider.

Play a board game.

Whether Monopoly, chess, Clue, or Scrabble is your favorite game, nothing beats the rush of a little friendly competition. Gather your family around the table, and make memories while keeping your minds sharp.

Dress up and take photos.

It's true your family and friends will love you even when you don't look your best, but being snowed in is not an excuse to pass up this holiday tradition. Remember all those old photos of your parents and grandparents? They always dressed up for the holidays, even if they had other dress-up occasions they could go out on during the year. How much more should you want to dress up this year, when all your other dress-up occasions had been cancelled?! Besides, when your kids someday look at your old pictures, you don't want them to think that mom and pop were total slobs.

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Most of all, have a great holiday season, and have fun!

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