7 Best Things about Fall in the Country

I'd take living in the country over living in the city any time of year, but fall is definitely my favorite season. Here in Northwest Montana, lush greens of summer start turning into blazing golds and reds of fall in late September, and they only get better as the time goes on... that is, unless we get an early snow. Fall foliage and nature scenes are just one of many things I love about fall. Read on to find out what all makes fall in the country so special.

  1.  You can light that wood stove or fireplace again. There's something special and cozy about warmth of the crackling fire at a time when days start getting really short. Whether you curl up next to it with a good book, a cup of tea or other warm beverage of choice, there's a feeling of contentment and quietness that only a lit fireplace can give.
  2. Apple cider and pumpkin spice everything. That's what brings sweetness to the shortening days. It doesn't matter if cider is hard or the "plain garden variety." Just make sure you don't have to drive anywhere after indulging in lots of the hard kind.
  3. Corn mazes. They're not just for kids. Mazes make a great stress reliever... unless you get lost in one, that is. Some cultures even consider mazes a meditation tool. So, whether you want to meditate or just re-live some of your fondest childhood memories, your local corn maze is the place to be.
  4. Sweater weather. Do you need a hug? Put on a warm, chunky sweater. That's the closest you can get to giving yourself a hug.
  5. Wildlife on your doorstep... practically. Living in the country, you encounter different wildlife all year round, but it's fall when some of them get braver and come into front yards and back yards to get that last bit of green grass before winter sets in. It's the perfect time for deer spotting and wild turkey watching, and if you're a skilled hunter, you might just get yourself a Thanksgiving turkey without going to the store.
  6. A bowl of homemade soup for dinner. Yes, that turkey would make a great homemade soup. But seriously, any kind of warm soup warms up the soul this time of year.
  7. The sound of rain drops on your roof. That's probably the most soothing sound in the world, especially if you have a metal roof.

What are your favorite things about fall? I'd love to hear. Tell me in the comments below. And, if you want to see some of my favorite fall images to give you inspiration, take a peek at Buckaroo Bling Fall in The Country board on Pinterest.


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