5 Treats Both You And Your Horse Will Love

Horse lovers, like dog lovers, treat their animals with never ending little acts of kindness. Until I moved to Montana, I didn't know how much similarity there was between the two. I have always loved dogs, helped rescue and rehabilitate them, and I have been owned by five Setters so far. Horses, on the other hand, I didn't know much about. Not until I met Miss Mikey the mare, and started learning.

You see, Mikey lives in a pasture next to my rented place in Montana countryside, and being an only horse in her household, she often gets lonely. And, she makes it known that she does. The problem is, during the work week, I am the only human around as I work from home. An even bigger problem is, I just can't stand the cries of a lonely horse. So, I started bringing treats to Miss Mikey. That's were I had to learn.

As a dog owner, I always go for healthy and natural treats for my pups, but try not to skimp on taste either. So what does one do to give a horse a treat that's both tasty and healthy? Sugar cubes and peppermints were out of the question: tasty for sure, but not healthy. So, I started reading up on what is safe for horses. Here are the 5 healthiest treats that don't skimp on taste.

  1. CARROTS - They are a no-brainer: natural, fresh, and sweet. Even better if you grew them yourself, herbicide and pesticide free. Just be careful not to give too many. One to two carrots at a time are quite enough. Miss Mikey doesn't agree, but like any spoiled 4 year old, she doesn't know her limits.
  2. APPLES - Another all-natural, sweet and healthy treat. The only word of caution here is, don't give a whole apple, but take the core and the seeds out. They are not too good for horses.
  3. BANANAS - Have a high maintenance horse? Here is a perfect high maintenance treat for him, especially if bananas are organic. Personally, I'd feed only organic bananas to a horse because conventionally grown ones are sprayed with all manner of chemicals to not only protect them from insects, but also to prolong their shelf life once picked off the tree. If you are feeding an organic banana as a treat, it's safe to give it together with the peel.
  4. COWGIRL'S KITCHEN CASSINO'S KISSES All Natural Gourmet Horse Treats - Want something all-natural that lasts longer than fresh fruit and vegetables and still gets your horse's taste buds going? These treats with naturally colored heart centers are it. According to the manufacturer, once opened, the package of these treats can last up to 12 months without going stale.
  5. MRS. PASTURES COOKIES FOR HORSES - Another all-natural treat with no preservatives. From what horse owners are saying, these cookies have a very distinct aroma that's easy for horses to smell from a distance, so maybe if you have one who's hard to catch, this would be a good treat to try.

Miss Mikey and I are now fast friends. I'm pretty sure she thinks of me as "that carrot lady." She is in boarding for the winter, but I am sure we'll be doing that lonely-horse-and-treat dance again when springtime rolls around.

Want a treat for yourself? Head on over to my Buckaroo Bling shop! I'm sure you'll find something to your liking.

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